Experience pattern recognition search with unmatched speed and typo tolerance.

v3.3.0.5 $ dotnet add package IndxSearchLib

Live demo
Dataset: TMDB top 10.000 movies

    This demo shows out-of-box performance. The dataset has not been altered in any way.

    The core technology of traditional search systems has remained unchanged for decades.

    Indx introduces a fundamental change in search technology, and a significant leap forward.


    Indx's unique approach doesn't rely on traditional linguistic structures.

    The system operates without knowing what a word or a comma is. Instead it uses pattern recognition, a method more similar to the human brain.

    Indx redefines the search technology landscape, rendering traditional search principles like stop-words and tuning increasingly obsolete.

    Indx is exceptionally adept at handling spelling errors. It also uniquely matches queries across words.

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    A complete search solution that empowers a broad spectrum of use cases.
    machine learning
    Holds the world record for search speed
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    While using even less computing power

    When indexing, a relevancy model is generated by extracting features from all documents.

    The features contains essential parameters like frequency and rarity which are mapped as vectors into a multi-dimensional hypersphere.

    A black and white image of vectors mapped into a multi-dimensional hypersphere

    When searching, the features of the search query are mapped into this space, and the search results are arranged in the order of the applied distance measure.

    Indx performs a search on entire sentences, not just the underlying keywords. This means better matching across words, for incomplete names, and spelling variations.

    Relevancy ranking similarity explained with three different spellings of the name christopher: Kristoffer, Krzysztof, and Christopher

    Why develop with Indx?

    A robust system that works out of the box
    Includes a built-in advanced relevancy ranking system
    Work with greener technology and cut server expenses
    Run hundreds of indices simultaneously, with linear scaling
    Unique filters with both inclusion and exclusion
    No need to learn a specific scripting language
    Enjoy a near-zero-config setup

    Indx is a better starting point for enterprise search applications.

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    Index ~44000 airports0,5 seconds 4x faster2,1 seconds 4x slower3,7 seconds 7x slower
    Search 44K records0,08 ms 200x faster16-50 ms 200x slower53-155 ms 660x slower
    Index ~1 Million music artists3,8 seconds 4x faster15,7 seconds 4x slower30,5 seconds 8x slower
    Search 1M records0,55 ms 38x faster88-205 ms 160x slower21-340 ms 38x slower
    Fuzzy algorithmRelevancy RankingLevenshteinLevenshtein
    Fuzzy limitationUnlimitedMax 2 charactersMax 2 characters
    Installation size178 kB583 MB706 MB

    Benchmarks were performed with identical datasets and hardware.

    OurAirports -> 44.015 medium and large airports
    MusicBrainz -> 1.001.018 music artists

    Indx features an unmatched fault–tolerance and answers in microseconds


    For content managers and CMO
    No manual spelling corrections needed. Instant addition of new content to search.
    For CFO
    Simplify search and save costs. No need to hire linguistics PhDs.
    For developers and CTO
    Uncomplicated implementation and unique search capabilities.
    For your users
    Find what you seek, fast and without friction.
    For designers and CXO
    Elevate user experience and increase product engagement.

    Development options

    .NET C# class library

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    • Self hosted with unlimited usage
    • Recommended for .NET projects and projects with a large volume of data to index and search
    • GDPR compliance by self-hosting

    REST API on Azure

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    • Easy to get started
    • Highly compatible with your existing tech stack
    • EU Norway East servers
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